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This is new library on Android for loading images from network or resource. This library is Coil
Link: https://coil-kt.github.io/coil/

Coil: An image loading library for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines.
Quick start:
To load an image into an ImageView, we use load extension funtion.

Requests can be configured with an optional trailing lambda:

To get an image imperatively, use the get suspend function:

Coil requires Java 8 bytecode. Here’s how to enable it.


  • AndroidX
  • Min SDK 14+
  • Compile SDK: 29+
  • Java 8+

R8 / Proguard
Coil is fully compatible with R8 out of the box and doesn’t require adding extra rules.
If you use Proguard, you may need to add rules for  CoroutinesOkHttp and Okio.

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